Do you think Bali Holidays are overrated?

Bali is an island of authentic beauty, glittering with bright white smiles from content locals and clear blue ocean caressing its stunning white sandy beaches.

The cultural heart of the island beats strong and creates an atmosphere of powerful spirituality. This spiritual vibe has been a magnet for tourists seeking something a little different that offers more depth than a typical beach holiday.

Although if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, the island of Bali tops the charts for great beaches, affordable luxury accommodation with pampering galore.

It is no surprise therefore that Bali has become a very popular tourist destination, so popular that it can be quite overwhelming when trying to choose where to stay and what to do. Below is a step by step guide on how to arrange your perfect Bali holidays.

Plan your Bali holidays

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Step 1 – Purchasing Travel Tickets

Using online travel agents tends to be a popular choice and provides a good overview of what is available and average costs. Sometimes you can scan for deals and get great savings. You can also find that going direct with an airline can save you quite a lot if you get the timing right.

Step 2 – Selecting the Accommodation

The type of accommodation and method of booking would depend on how long you intend to stay.

For those that choose to settle for a while, it is best to book some temporary accommodation via Airbnb or and then scout around in person for a local guest house or villa (depending on your budget).

Plan the perfect Bali holidays

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If you are planning a holiday or honeymoon, then it is better to get your accommodation sorted and booked before you arrive. A Bali holiday or honeymoon should be totally hassle-free, so arranging everything beforehand is a must.

Doing it yourself may take time but is certainly an option, you just need to make sure you spend enough time trawling through the reviews on various online websites. Or you can use a travel agent. Most reputable travel agents will only partner with the best quality hotels and villas so guests can relax and focus on the very important job of relaxing, tasting new food and enjoying new experiences.

The Seven Holiday is the first tailor-made holiday & honeymoon planner in Bali. They have tons of reviews on their website and social media pages that talk about what fantastic experiences they had. Many of the reviews allude to the unique experiences that have been organized and the high quality of accommodation and service provided.This is usually a pretty good gauge as to whether a travel company genuinely delivers on its promises.

A little note on suitable areas to choose. For shorter term tourists, the best areas are Nusa Dua, Seminyak or Ubud center but for those wishing to settle a little longer in Bali, the Canggu area, Jimbaran or Ubud (perhaps more on the outskirts) will be more suitable.

Step 3 – Decide How to Get Around

If you feel confident driving a motorbike then it is a good solution for shorter distances to avoid getting stuck in the more congested parts of the island. However, a helmet is a must and be very very careful.

Traffic rules do exist in Bali but, unlike some Western countries where you can get pounced on with a penalty for even thinking about going through a red light, in Bali, you will probably get beeped at for actually stopping at a red light!

Bikes mount sidewalks to overtake, weave in and out of cars and trucks and it is quite common to see 4 or 5 people to a bike, or a bike loaded with more stuff that you could fit in a car. The best way to get around is in the safety of a car with the guidance of a competent driver and guide. If booked through a travel agency you can enjoy the journey with the peace of mind that the driver actually knows what he is doing, will avoid the traffic hotspots and will add value to the journey by providing interesting information.


Step by step guide to the best Bali holidays

Photo credit: Timo Wagner

Step 4 –Itinerary for your Bali Holidays

If you opt for a total relax then you may wish to stay put in your accommodation and the immediate area for the bulk of your holiday. However, if you want to see a bit of the island there are some great travel agencies that provide a wide range of excursions catering to every want and desire. The Seven Holiday offers tonnes of active experiences, sightseeing tours, sea excursions, and some great activities for families with children. They also offer some pretty unique experiences for those who are seeking out something a little different, such as a visit to a healer, a romantic picnic on a hidden cliff, a farmers day and much more. Bali is very famous for its amazing surf spots, surfers have been riding the Bali waves for years and many have been lucky enough to be sharing sets with some of the world’s top surfers. The island caters to all levels of surfing, newbies are able to hire an instructor and hit the beach breaks at Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu while the more experienced surfers will head to the likes of Uluwatu or Balangan. For non-surfers, simply sipping a Bintang at sunset and watching these guys ride some of the most beautiful waves in the world is a pretty amazing experience!

Step 5 – Check out the Catering Options

Luckily enough for visitors, Bali now offers dishes for every pallet.

There are certain areas such a Ubud and Seminyak that offer a plethora of wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. A medley of taste sensations!

The local food in Bali is also pretty mouth watering. If you like a bit of spice then try out the many traditional Indonesian dishes: they will blow your mind! It is worth checking what type of food is available where you are staying and in your surrounding area. If you book through a travel agent, then they should be able to provide you with this type of information pretty easily.

However you choose to arrange your paradise Bali holidays, you will be guaranteed some local smiles, spice, sand, and plenty of sunshine!

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  • Kara Bui

    It’s a very detailed guide! I and my husband will go Bali this Sept for our honeymoon. Do you have any recommendation for our accomodation? Thanks a lot!

    • Dominique Lessard

      Thanks a lot for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, this article has been written by one of our contributors, because unfortunately, we haven’t been to Bali yet. I wish I could help you more with this matter! I’m sorry 🙂

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