Medjet air medical transport membership

Have you ever wondered if the risks you take to pursue your passion, travel, are worth jeopardizing your health, or your family’s safety?

Are your family’s health and security the most precious things in your life?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, please read on! What you are about to learn can, and maybe will, change your way to travel.

What am I talking about?

Let me tell you a story. When we were backpacking in Cambodia with our precious 3-year old little girl, Emma-Kate, we stayed at a breathtaking and remote beach, Sok San, on a remote island: Koh Rong. Paradise on earth! A white sand beach, crystal clear turquoise water, tall palm trees, our own little bungalow by the sea, and no internet. Unplugged from civilisation, we felt like world explorers! Until our beautiful Emma-Kate caught an unknown virus.

Medjet air medical transport membership

At first, we thought it was nothing. Why worry in paradise? But then, it got worse. She got fever, nausea, flu like symptoms. And since she was only 3, she couldn’t tell us if she had any pain. Was it the dengue fever? She got all the needed immunizations before this trip. But there’s no vaccine for the dengue fever. And the worst part is: if you get the dengue fever, you need to get fast and proper care, or else you could die. Yes, we brought our little girl in paradise, only to put her life at risk! There was no doctor and no hospital on the remote beach where we stayed. There was only 1 ferry back to the main village on the island, where maybe we could find a clinic.

After a sleepless night, monitoring our little girl’s condition, we asked the locals what they thought she had. They all agreed: it was the flu. I thought only Northern countries had the flu! Good news! We were so relieved! Of course, it was the flu: our little girl had the bad habit of kissing other small children when she saw them. One of the kids must have had the flu, and she caught it too!

Medjet air medical transport membership

No one on the island were worried! They brought us to this old lady, who had medicine in a little cabinet, in her hut. She gave us 4 different pills for Emma-Kate, and without thinking about it, I made her swallow them. What a mistake! We had no idea what these pills were, and in fact, one of them was very dangerous, especially for toddlers!

Luckily, nothing bad happened. She got over her flu, and the medicine never caused any damages. But what if it would have been the dengue fever? What if the medicine would have gotten her more ill?

When we are traveling, there is a lot of “what ifs”.

What if I fall on the deck of this fancy catamaran and break a leg?
What if I get in a car accident, while driving around wine country?
What if I get a severe allergy reaction while on my Caribbean cruise?
What if I try for the first time paragliding, or bungee jumping, and I get hurt while doing so?
What if I go on a motorcycle trip around Utah’s 5 amazing parks, and get in an accident?
What if the care I receive abroad isn’t the best available?
What if I don’t understand anything the doctors are telling me, because I don’t speak Mandarin?
What if my pregnancy isn’t going as planned during our baby moon?
What if my teenager, on spring break, gets intoxicated and mugged?

These are only “what ifs”, but it happens to people. Real people. It almost happened to our little girl.

Did you know that if you ever get an accident, or get sick, when traveling, that maybe the hospital you will be brought to won’t offer you the best and most advanced care available? Or maybe your loved one is stuck in an unfamiliar hospital, far from home, and doesn’t speak the local language, and you just pray you could be by his side, providing comfort and support?

Now what if you could get air medical transport to a better care facility? Right now, you must be thinking about your travel insurance coverage. Where will your travel insurer bring you? To the ‘closest adequate facility’. Is that the best hospital for your needs? Unlikely no. Your travel insurer won’t give you a ride to your best hospital, but to theirs.

Medjet air medical transport membership

Because not all hospital care and technology around the world is the best. And no hospital in the world can give you the comfort of feeling at home, as the hospital back at home can. Who wants to get hospitalized for a long period of time in a far away country? The excitement of being in an exotic place will most likely turn into discomfort, anxiety and stress.

Ok, then, you might think: “I am willing to pay anything to get us back home, and get the best treatments available”. How much will it cost you? If you are traveling in Europe, around $70,000. You were island hopping in Thailand? It will cost you $130,000 to get back home.

Who has that kind of money? Of course, if my little girl would be between life and death, I would pay anything to get her the best treatment available. But you don’t have to pay that kind of money, trust me!

You already bought travel insurance that gets your hospital expenses covered. That’s a must, you know that. But travel insurance only goes so far. Now let’s see who can bring you back home.

Let me introduce you to Medjet: a premier air medical transport membership, that is very affordable, and will bring you peace of mind anywhere on earth, even if you are on the other side of the planet, or only at 150 miles or more from home. All you have to do is to pay a very affordable annual membership, and you and your family (up to five people) are fully taken care of.Medjet air medical transport membership

What is Medjet? Medjet is NOT a travel insurance company. Medjet is a supplement to your travel insurance. Medjet is your ticket to stress-free travel. Medjet gets travellers home, you home, to the hospital of your choice, the hospital you trust, wherever it might be.

What will Medjet give you? Medjet gives you peace of mind, anywhere in the world.

Medjet offers you all-expenses-paid premier air medical transport as much as twice in the same year. There is no limit on the cost of a medical transfer: all the members ever pay is their annual membership fee. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, no unexpected fees.

Medjet offers you a translation service, if you have problems understanding the medical staff abroad.

Medjet offers you advice about your rights as a visitor in a foreign country, and about the best hospital to care for your needs.

And Medjet even offers to relay the messages your loved ones want to send you, 24/7.

You are living in New York City, and you are going on a city break in Boston? Medjet will take care of you.

You are traveling with or without your kids (up to five, under age of 19)? Medjet will take care of you and/or them.

You are traveling for up to 90 consecutive days? Medjet will take care of you. You are traveling for as little as 8 days ? Medjet offers a short term membership too.

You are hospitalized abroad, but you don’t meet your travel insurance’s medical necessity clause to change hospital? Medjet will take care of you.

How much does this peace of mind, stress-free travel, the most reliable and premier air medical transport service membership, the guardian of your family’s health and safety, cost? For a family of 5, it only costs $313 per year*, and for only 1 person, from $99. That’s $0.27 per day, or 1 small caffe latte at Starbucks per week. Only. An 8 day membership at $99 is perfect for domestic and international travelers who will be 150 miles or more away from home this season.  Easy on the wallet, right?

And if you want an even better price, I know that Medjet is now running a promotion where you can get 10$ off on annual family membership.

Or why not give the gift of safety and security? Give yourself and the traveler in your life peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency, and enroll in a Medjet family plan today.

As you know now, I didn’t get the “chance” to try Medjet’s medical air transport membership, and I wish I never have to, because I don’t want bad things to happen to me and my family! But if anything ever happens to me or my family, I will put my life in Medjet’s hands. Because my family’s health is what’s most precious to me! I honestly and strongly believe this is an incredible protection that we can totally afford to assist families who want to discover the world, but without taking unnecessary risks. And since my little girl’s sickness on the other side of the planet, I can assure you that I am convinced this protection is a must for families (and couples and solo travellers too, don’t worry, I don’t discriminate ;)!

As listed above, there are a lot of what ifs, and most often they are only what ifs, of course. But these things do happens. Let’s not be naive into thinking bad things only happens to others. One day it might happen to you, or to my precious Emma-Kate. Or to my dear husband, Clinton. Or to myself. Or to my brother-in-law who has severe allergies. Or to my mother-in-law who has osteoporosis. Or to my 5-year-old nephew, Zackary, who was born with a heart defect.

Or it might happen to you. To your loving spouse, or gorgeous daughter, or adventurous son who is away at college or traveling alone.

If something ever happens to one of your family members, or to mine, will we say “if only I had taken 5 minutes of my time to enroll”?

Let’s hope nothing will ever happen. But if something eventually happens, let’s not take chances and let “what ifs” turn into “if only”!

If you too want to protect your family’s health and safety, why not give them a membership as a gift, and get a deal at the same time? They will forever owe you!

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Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a tiny small commission if you decide to enroll and assure your family’s health and safety.

*On a 5-year membership.

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    It’s sooo important to have travel insurance when overseas. I got super sick in Bali and ended up in hospital. The doctors didn’t know how to treat me and didn’t have the equipment to handle a latex allergy, and I was almost flown to Australia to receive treatment. Luckily my insurance was willing to cover everything, but my friend’s insurance wouldn’t even cover her hospital visit. Thankfully, we were able to get a hold of my doctor, and he was able to tell the doctors in Bali how to treat me.

    • Dominique Lessard

      You were lucky everything went well, after all! Having the chance to be flown back home must have changed everything 🙂
      Thanks Stephanie!

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