Traveling the world is all about creating memories and indulging in new and exciting experiences. Your memory is all very well and good but having a collection of tangible memories that you can revisit any time you want with perfect clarity, is a much better way to track and record your adventures abroad.

But, what if you’re traveling solo? Sure, you’ll be able to take some pretty spectacular pictures of sunsets, sunrises, vistas, beautiful scenery and cityscapes, but surely you want to be in some of those pictures too? Is it really possible to take beautiful photographs of yourself without someone traveling with you?

You may be pleased to hear that it’s perfectly plausible to take your own traveling photographs and star in them yourself. All you need is some patience, a little creativity, and some decent photography equipment – click here for the latest in 360 cameras. Read on to discover how you can take great solo traveling pictures.

Try finding the right screenshot

If taking hundreds of pictures all at once sounds a little hard work, or you’re a little self-conscious and don’t want to constantly change your facial expression or your camera settings, why not consider filming yourself instead and then, go through each frame individually to find your perfect image. Voila! A perfect photograph!

Photograph random body parts

Who says your face has to be in the image? A photo of your feet in the white sand, a close up of your hand touching a piece of history, or your fingers curled around your wine glass. It’s creative and will look beautiful on a canvas in your living room.

Ask a fellow traveler

Backpackers are always happy to lend a hand to their fellow travelers, so if you’re wanting some great images where you and the view are the focus, then why not ask a fellow traveler to take control of the camera? It’s a great way to make new friends and enrich your traveling experience.

A tripod and a timer

When you’re unsure of where to turn, a tripod and timer are your best friends. Luckily, most tripods these days are small and compact enough to fit into a small day bag and they can be placed anywhere and still get a great shot. You can either set a timer on your camera or use a remote connected via Bluetooth to take the picture when you’re ready.

Get some action shots

Action shots are easily captured with the help of GoPro accessories and cameras. Body cameras and helmet mounts are just some of the ways you can capture your adventures.

Don’t be nervous

If you’re not used to taking your own photographs it can be easy to feel put off by passers-by, the stares of others or just feeling awkward. The best option here is to remember that getting as many pictures as possible is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad, just capture as many moments as you can so you’ll have no regrets when you return home.

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  • Hostel Traveller

    Hey..! I am a solo Traveller and I Didn’t had much knowledge about the photography but after reading your article I think have good amount of knowledge.

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