Ultimate Family Resort in Riviera Maya

The Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, Mexico

I am a fan of gorgeous white sand beaches,
luxurious rooms and amazing decors,
finger-licking meals and
Rock ‘n Roll!

There is nothing as fun as enjoying the luxurious 5-Star amenities
at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya,
located at one of the most stunning coasts on Earth,
Mexico‘s famous Riviera Maya,
while we can sing our favorite tunes all day long
(without looking weird or crazy).

Another one of my favorite things about the
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya,
is the two separate sections of the resort.
As a parent, you may sometimes feel (in my case, always)
like your family is too loud, that we bother people around us
because we splash water, spill drinks, drop food, scream every 5 minutes “be careful“…
But here at the Hacienda section of the resort, the family section,
no worries to bother anyone: we are all on the same boat!
And that made my vacation a lot more relaxing and easy going.

And the best part is: all adults have access to the Heaven section of the resort, the adults only section,
so we can also get a break from all the noise and splashing.
Of course, we enjoy our vacation with our little one, so we didn’t spend that much time in the Heaven section,
but I was surprised to hear my 5-year old daughter asking me to leave her at the kids’ club
because she was having too much fun!

The grounds of the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya are breathtaking.
There are intimate coves, secluded nooks, pristine beaches along turquoise clear water bays…
everything you need for ravishing Instagram worthy photos.

The shallow and calm water is perfect for all-day family fun,
and even the most fitness-enthusiast (like my husband) will have a blast with the
scenic running track all around the vast resort, with speakers everywhere playing your favorite bands,
the rock climbing wall and the extensive gym.

Rooms & Suites

The rooms and suites at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
are simply perfect:
from the luxurious bedding and super comfortable mattresses
to the hydro spa tub, the flat-screen satellite TV and free WiFi throughout the entire resort,
your room will be your haven from the too-much fun action packed activities of the day.

Honestly, the hammock on our private balcony, with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Ocean,
was my favorite place to spend quiet time before getting all dressed up beautifully for dinner
at one of the delightful restaurants.
(Important note: all people suffering from food allergies and intolerances, you are safe at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya,
because they always check up with all guests about their special condition.)

Waiting for us when we arrived: a bottle of champagne and chocolate truffles…
what more would we desire?
We were overjoyed.

The Family Activities

The fun family activities are what makes the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
stand out from the other fancy and luxurious resorts.
The Hard Rock brand truly knows what makes a vacation fun for parents AND for kids.

From the boot camp parkour in the jungle
to the rock climbing wall, the many different pools and beaches,
the water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving,
zip lining, water slides, regular kids slides,
the best (and very safe) kids’ club,
and on top of it all: the best water park for all-day family fun!

No wonder why our 5-year old daughter didn’t want to leave at the end of our vacation
at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

Fun     ℘     Luxury     ℘     Relax

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Ultimate family resort Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
We Want To Thank the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya For Hosting Us During Our Family adventure in Mexico.
They Didn’t Ask Me To Write A Positive Review. All Opinions Are Truly My Own.
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  • Lydia

    Hello Dominique, your photos are all lovely. Its just a perfect vacation and destination. Is it expensive if you travel there on your own?

    • Dominique Lessard

      Thanks a lot Lydia! For the price, it all depends what kind of room you want and how many people you are traveling with, but right now they have a 40% off sale and kids stay free!

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