europeans happier

People living in some countries in Europe are happier than Canadians. It’s a fact. No question about it. There’s no wonder why 8 out of the 10 happiest countries in the world are located in Europe.

A lot of factors come to play a role in people’s happiness. We obviously need the basics: enough to eat, a roof over our head and clothes to wear. We need the sunshine to avoid seasonal depression and exercising helps to keep the stress level down with the release of endorphins. You already know all that.

What if I told you a lot of Europeans are 33% more happy than Canadians, would you believe me? Where do I take this data? It’s simple: people from Spain, France and Denmark usually have 30 days of vacation a year, compared to 20 days in Canada. Yep! That’s a 10 day difference! That’s huge, in my opinion!

europeans happier

We are not talking about a couple of days here. Ten days, it can be another trip to another continent! For me, a travel addict, it’s unbelievable! I wish I lived in Andalucia!

Does having more vacation increase happiness level? Yes. It’s a fact. According to a Canadian survey, 72% of Canadians associate happiness and vacation. A big 83% of people living in Quebec say that are more motivated when their vacations are coming, 35% said they are less stress and more relaxed after their vacation and 40% says that are simply happier after their vacation. Yes, happier.

europeans happier

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Seriously? Everyone wants to be happy. Not everyone likes to travel (I can’t understand why someone doesn’t like to travel, but there’s a lot of different people in this big world!). But we sometimes only have our vacation time to travel. So yes, vacation is directly related to happiness, and travel is also related to happiness (in my opinion)!

I wish I had a solution for Canadians to be happier, but sadly I don’t. Except to move to Europe. And laugh about it! Because Canada is the 6th happiest country in the world! We shouldn’t complain.

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  • mavis J Houston

    As a Canadian, I am not as happy as I was a few years ago. The reasons are…
    The Government is getting bigger and bigger.
    Every four years we get to vote in a dictator.
    Unelected Senate.
    Broken healthcare system.
    TAXES!!!!! After the dust settles, I am almost paying approx. 70% of my income on taxes. And I don’t get anything for it.
    Government members are more interested in lining their pockets and getting elected.
    It is just a career to them.
    Quebec gets the lions share of Canadian taxes, (payout)
    Natives have learned to work the system so they can get extra money. Some of it is out and theft!
    Alas, don’t forget the fuel and gasoline prices and more tax++++.

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