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With the latest tragic world events, for a lot of people, including myself, safety is our main concern.

According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, the world became slightly less peaceful in 2016. Violent crimes and terrorism are leaving us wondering where we can safely travel around the world with our family! But that doesn’t mean we should postpone our travel plans. It only means we have to carefully choose our destinations!

Here are the World’s 10 Safest Countries to Visit in 2016 (updated on August 29, 2016)!

10. Slovenia

slovenia safest countries 2016

Indeed a very small country, Slovenia is a ’boutique destination’: jaw-dropping landscapes, tranquil inhabitants, and unique history.

9. Japan

japan safest countries 2016

The only Asian country that made it to the World’s 10 Safest Countries on Earth, Japan always surprises its visitors, by its cuisine, trades, arts and history.

8. Canada

19Canada_Banff national park

Canada is a huge and young country, it is also a vast and diverse land to visit, safely. And I am one of the lucky who live there 🙂

7. Switzerland

best destinations sunset

Stunning vistas, finger-licking chocolate, and a relaxed mood are charming everyone that is lucky enough to visit this gorgeous European country.

6. Czech Republic

Czech Republic_Prague_Charles Bridge over Vltava River (family) - Copy

The Czech Republic, for many of us, means Middle Age history, cobbled streets, and hidden green valleys is always a popular destination, that you can enjoy in safety.

5. Portugal

Portugal_Algarve_Praia da Rocha (family) - Copy

Beyond the Algarve’s beautiful cliff-flanked beaches, Portugal is a country of amazing landscapes and culture-rich cities.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand_Fiordland, Milford Sound (family) - Copy

New Zealand is the perfect destination for outdoor and adventure lovers, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly people.

3. Austria

june best destinations

Besides its amazing 3rd place as one of the safest countries on Earth, Austria strikes a chord with its exuberant Hapsburg palaces, baroque abbeys and spirit-soaring landscapes.

2. Denmark

57 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Number 2 on the list, stunning Denmark welcomes visitors with everything from a cosmopolitan, food-loving city in Copenhagen to Renaissance castles, wind-swept offshore islands and tiny fishing villages.

1. Iceland

safest country in the world

Iceland is not only the safest country to visit in 2016, it is also getting more and more popular, mainly because of its relaxing geothermally heated pools, stunning waterfalls, amazing trekking and the most friendly people.

Which one of these safe countries do you want to visit in 2016?

The Infographic – Pin Me!

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